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When I was a little girl, I struggled to read. Reading did not come naturally to me; however, over the last 30 years I have become an avid reader, I love books. I love LDS (Latter Day Saint) Historical fiction, I love romance, I love biographies, I love stories of hope, and ways to help. I will post books that I have read, ones that have warmed my heart and given me hope!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Inch Principle: 21 Millon Dollar Inches of Management

First of all I have to say that this post should have taken place in July; however, my summer was crazy as can be and I did not finish reading this book until late last night. My apologies to Media Guest who provided me with a free copy of this book so that I could review, for being seriously late. My apologies to the authors of this book John T. Condry and Paul E. Carpenter for patiently waiting for all the reviews. Thank you for the opportunity for allowing me to review this book. I was interested in this book for months before I asked if I could review a copy.

About the Book:

The Inch Principle: 21 Million Dollar Inches of Management by John T. Condry and Paul E. Carpenter provides a 180-page guide to 21 management principles, or 21 inches, that will increase manager's confidence to overcome challenges, reduce drama in the workplace, teach employees that profit is not a four letter word, make decisions and motivate today's entitled worker to be loyal. The authors strive to motivate managers to be better leaders by focusing on the present, rather than past experiences or hopes for the future. "It's a message of letting go of the past and letting the future take care of itself. It's how to make decisions today explain the authors.

About the Authors:

John T. Condry and Paul E. Carpenter are principals at CMI, which features the flagship management training program "Managing in the Zone." Condry, a management development expert, trainer, consultant, speaker and founder of Career Success Seminars Inc., also published the Cornerstones of Management training series. Carpenter is president of The Non-Traditional Revenue Group, LLC, a consulting firm that develops revenue for companies through training and marketing throughout the United States.

My Review:

As I stated earlier I had wanted to read this book. I am currently in school and plan to open my own business in the next five years. Therefore, I am interested in all the successful business tips I can acquire. My first thoughts of this book were that it was one of the easiest books I have read all year. The pages are filled with tips and guidance, but also point out all the different approaches of management good and bad. This book invites the reader to understand the types of management styles,what works and what does not work. Also why one style works for a while and then it stops working. I enjoyed each chapter of this book and found the book to be extremely helpful to me as someone who runs a household, and partners that with my husband of thirty one years. Each chapter had a theme. There were a few quotes from this book I would like to borrow the first one talks about taking responsibilitythis quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe "Let everyone sweep in front of his own door and the whole world will be clean." I love, because we each need to take personal responsibility for our actions, myself included. I loved chapter 20 "Name that Meeting" the quote "A meeting is an event where minutes are taken and hours wasted." Haven't we all been in meeting after meeting and nothing gets accomplished. This chapter provides tools to stop wasting minutes in meetings.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for help with management style, I would recommend this book to anyone working with others, who might be looking for ways to cope and learn how to make the work place a better environment for all. This is a wonderful book and I highly recommend The Inch Principle: 21 Million Dollar Inches of Management.


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