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When I was a little girl, I struggled to read. Reading did not come naturally to me; however, over the last 30 years I have become an avid reader, I love books. I love LDS (Latter Day Saint) Historical fiction, I love romance, I love biographies, I love stories of hope, and ways to help. I will post books that I have read, ones that have warmed my heart and given me hope!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Tension Point:

 About the Author:
Kim Fletcher IS A MASTER LIFE COACH, Author and Professional Speaker. Her extensive background as a Physical Therapist, College Instructor, Disability Advocate and Entrepreneur have equipped Kim with skills in the areas of facilitating freedom, unleashing potential and creating lasting results for clients. The Tension Point concepts emerged from more than a decade of coaching clients to break through invisible walls separating them from reaching their ultimate potential personally and professionally. Kim works globally and relaxes at her favorite beach in Maui, Hawaii.
 About the Co-Author:
Harold Elmore IS AN AWARD-WINNING ENTREPRENEUR, Business Trainer and former Pilot. As a successful Business Owner, his greatest passion is condensing his vast experience into powerful strategies and systems to allow individuals to achieve success in business while achieving fulfillment in life. In this book, Harold condenses his experience, struggles and achievements to enhance the journey of those who are ready to explode beyond the nine-to-five box. He and his beautiful wife, Donna, can be seen on their bright yellow Harley Davidson on the scenic highways across the country.
About the Book:
“Whether your vision is big or small, The Tension Point will take you on a journey from dreamer to achiever.”
—Dr. W. Carl McMillan

We have become conditioned for status quo, yet an echo deep within leaves us longing for more. We each face our own tension points where we must determine if we will press through to discover what we are truly capable of. This book you hold in your hands will leave you:
Awakened to your true identity and potential
Catapulted from mere goals to a life of vision
Positioned to lead with excellence

My Review:
I know what you are thinking. another self-help book right? How many are on the market? The Tension Point has a much different feel than most books of this genre I have read. Ms. Fletcher and Mr. Elmore team up to write a practical book that will help anyone who is willing to put a little effort into this book.

When I received this book, I grabbed my highlighter (I'm a graduate student so I highlight everything) and sat down to read. I found this book more highlighted than not. This to me means that many of the topics resonated with me. I found myself sitting back and taking all the assignments to see where I stood on each subject.

This is an easy read, yet it will require effort if one expects t see some results. I highly recommend this as Kim tried to help the reader understand what a life coach can help individuals understand about self.

Just as I had hoped this book gave me a fresh look at myself, it helped me tune into ideas I had not thought about. I loved this book and recommend it with a five star!

I was provide a copy of this book from Media Guests, I was not paid for my review, the review is entirely my own words.

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