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When I was a little girl, I struggled to read. Reading did not come naturally to me; however, over the last 30 years I have become an avid reader, I love books. I love LDS (Latter Day Saint) Historical fiction, I love romance, I love biographies, I love stories of hope, and ways to help. I will post books that I have read, ones that have warmed my heart and given me hope!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Summer of Anger, Summer of Peace

 About the Book:

Summer of Anger, Summer of Peace is an inspirational story that will make the reader laugh, cry, and examine just how precious life really is. Written by Rick Dean, Dennis’s brother, this true-life story comes alive with firsthand accounts of Dennis’s struggles and triumphs while living with Muscular Dystrophy. It is doubtful that you could read this story and not be changed and encouraged to make a difference. If you are looking for a story that has all of the elements of life, and one that will give you a new perspective on what you may be currently going through, do not miss this uplifting biography.

About the Author:

Rick Dean was born in Denver, Colorado and spent his youth exploring the adventures of life side by side with his brother, Dennis. Dennis, because of his disease, required someone to be with him at all times, from the time he was eight years old. Much of that responsibility fell to Rick who was grateful for the assignment to always tag along with his older brother.

Having spent a lifetime as a caregiver and as an observer of personal trial, he offers insight on daily life with loved ones afflicted with a devastating disease. Rick was much impressed with Dennis and his ability to overcome just by making the decision to better his life and then work at improving it on a daily basis. Rick learned that people can change. He learned that helping hands are needful and appreciated. Most of all, he learned that life can be a wonderful thing even in the most dire situations if we allow ourselves the blessing of enjoying the journey.

Rick Dean lives with his sweetheart on the Wasatch Front in Utah. He loves every opportunity to share the inspirational story of his brother, Dennis. Rick is currently working on other inspiring life stories.

My Review:

Summer of Anger, Summer of Peace is a true story of two brothers, the main character Dennis has Muscular Dystrophy. As the story evolves the brothers Rick who wrote the book and Dennis go through many of life's challenges by each others side.

Mr. Dean took great care to make sure that this story was authentic of his relationship with his brother Dennis. The story not only is about Dennis accepting his reality of Muscular Dystrophy, but the story is also about a brothers love, struggles, and all that two people can go through. As we the reader watches Rick take on the role of caretaker to his older brother, we are taking on a journey unlike any journey I have ever had the pleasure of taking. This story sometimes feels more than just a story of Dennis, it also feels like a story of Rick who is a devoted brother, who by no fault of his own has a myriad of feelings as well.

This story will pull on the heartstrings, and cause you to laugh, smile and break ones heart. I cried, I laughed, and I took in what this story had to offer. Once anyone reads this book they are a better person for having taken this journey with the author and his brother Dennis from childhood to adults. I highly recommend this story of great courage and brotherhood. I realized as I read about Dennis' change of heart in his summer of peace, all the ways that Dennis had chosen to do for others. This only made me rethink what I am doing in my life to be more helpful and accepting of others. I enjoyed this story so much, I will recommend it to my book club for next years reading.

I recommend this book for anyone. I give this story a 4 start. Thank you to Ballyhoo Publishing for allowing me the opportunity to read this book. I was not paid for my review. The comments are mine.


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