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When I was a little girl, I struggled to read. Reading did not come naturally to me; however, over the last 30 years I have become an avid reader, I love books. I love LDS (Latter Day Saint) Historical fiction, I love romance, I love biographies, I love stories of hope, and ways to help. I will post books that I have read, ones that have warmed my heart and given me hope!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Janitors: Curse of the Broomstaff

The 3 in the sequal to the Janitor series and Aubrey will continue to be the guest blogger!
 About the Book:
The secret society of Janitors with wizard-like powers continue their battle, but now, the stakes are even higher. The Bureau of Educational Maintenance is after Alan Zumbro and this time they mean business—deadly business.
About the Author:
Tyler Whitesides worked as a janitor at an Elementary school to put himself through college. He graduated from Utah State University with a degree in music. In addition to writing YA novels, Tyler is an avid composer and arranger of instrumental music. He and his wife, Connie (who teaches third grade) live in Logan, Utah.

My Review:

The setting of this book was set in a totally different place, which confused me at first. I was trying to figure out how it would all come together; however, this storyline was so exciting and even in this book that I could not put the book down.

This book had a surprising character totally changed the outcome of the story, you will have to read all three books to piece that together, and learn of this exciting adventure. I would recommend this book to everyone who loves adventure. This series will not disappoint you. GREAT read, GREAT fun, and GREAT adventure.

Thank you to Shadow Mountain Publishing for the opportunity to read this book.

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