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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Miracle Pill, 10 Truths to Healthy, Thin, & Sexy

When I first read the synopsis of this book, I knew it was something I wanted to read. In the last year and a half, I have tried to change the way I thought about food. I have for years said that food is to me, what alcohol is to an alcoholic. I have said over the last year that all the diet foods on the market are designed to make one fat, not thin. I personally have used almost everything possible to lose weight only to gain everything I lost plus. I have spent thousands of dollars on Weight Watchers, I have spent hundreds of dollars on everything from Jenny Craig, HCG, Phen Phen and Pondimin, Adkins, and many more diets with no lasting results.

Funny, when I was at Brigham Young University last week, I saw the table set up for Tres Prier Hatch for book signing; I did not put two and two together. I even saw her book and thought, I should have that in my mailbox when I arrive home, still not putting two and two together. I was standing in the bottom floor of the bookstore when they carried her sign down and still did not put two and two together. When I got home, it hit me. I feel so blonde and bummed that I did not have a chance to meet Tres!

About the Author:
Tres (pronounced tray) Hatch lives to eat. She is a former chef, caterer, and food educator. She often appears on television as a guest chef and was heard weekly on the radio show Get Real Food with Gourmet Tres. Even though she is surrounded by good food all the time, Tres learned how to live in harmony with the needs of her body, which includes a treat every day. In the book Miracle Pill, 10 truths to Healthy, Thin & Sexy she shares these concepts with you.
Tres enjoys writing about food she regularly contributes food articles and recipes for major publications. Her most recent essay was published in Friendship, Bread for the Journey compiled by Doris Platt, from Perfect Niche Publishing. Miracle Pill is her first book, with two cookbooks to follow under the Miracle Pill brand. One will focus on yummy daily fuel recipes and the other on occasional treats.

Tres lives with her husband and children in Utah.

About the Book:
Miracle Pill reveals how to eat what you want and stay thin forever. Because of these 10 truths, Chef Tres Hatch lost 110-pounds, without dieting. Even more remarkably, she permanently changed herself from someone who battles her weight, to someone in harmony with her body-without sacrificing her love for yummy food.

With common sense and a goal of health, rather than strictly weight loss, Miracle Pill teaches how to transition from thoughts to reflect those of a healthy, thin person. Ultimately, those healthy behaviors become permanent and the body takes on the ideal shape for each individual, without diets, gimmicks, or extreme workouts. Living in harmony with your body really is the only permanent weight-loss method-and Miracle Pill helps you change your impulses so you desire correct fuel, and consistent, moderate exercise. The best part is: correct fuel includes all the great treats you love.

My Review:
When I sat down to read this book, I took a pencil, and a pink highlighter. I did not want to forget the parts of the book that resonated with me. Right from the start of this book, I realized that Miracle Pill was confirming everything I had thought about diets, eating, and fuel. I also knew that balance was the key to a successful weight loss that could be sustained and permanent.

I took every quiz or questionnaire in the book. I highlighted everything that hit home. I combed this book through with a fine tooth comb based on what I have learned over the years, and what I felt was missing in what I was being taught and what I have learned in a lifetime of battling the bulge. I loved Tres' candid truths about her own struggled, about how she after three month working hard felt and wanted to quit, but kept on going.

If you are looking for real sustainable change that will last a lifetime, and get back to the basics and trust those basics, then you should read this book. I loved the questions she asks us to write down, to soul search, that this book is not just about her story, but she invites the reader to follow along and participate to see where he or she is at in the process of health. Ultimately, our health should be number one in our pursuit of wellness.

The book offers, saying to tape to the bathroom mirror, and 5 touchstones to successful weight management to post on the mirror or the refrigerator. These empowering affirmations are something I took seriously. While reading this book, going through all the questions, learning about me, what I can and can not change, I realized that this was a book that I could whole heatedly support. Miracle Pill, spoke to me, I learned things about myself I had not thought about, I agreed with the formula for success.

I would recommend this book; I would especially recommend this book for someone who wants a permanent fix and not just a quick fix. The book has many recipes in the back that I had planned to try before posting my review; however, I was not able to do that yet, but I am going to try over the weekend, so check back for my review of yummy meals she has included. I am sorry I did not get to meet this woman who teaches what I already believe. I am going to send a copy of the book to some of my family members that I want to help them learn how to eat and not feel deprived. This book was an easy read, well written, user friendly, and full of enlightening information.


This book was sent to my by the publishing company/Author for a review. I reviewed this book for Media Guest. The review is my own feelings and words.

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  1. Dear Sandie,

    Thank you for the lovely review. I am sorry we missed each other and I hope we get the chance to connect soon. Great feedback! I look forward to reading about the recipes you enjoyed. Please keep posting about your own journey--you inspire me and all your readers.