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Friday, June 10, 2011

Miracle Pill Recipes

I said I would post about some of the recipes I have tried, but I guess I forgot to do that. As I stated before, I love this book and it spoke volumes to me. I was anxious to try some of the recipes because for me learning how to cook is a key part of learning a new way of eating. I love to cook, although I am not professional by any stretch of the imagination, I do think that I am a pretty good cook so I tried several recipes that sounded good to me.

My recipe review:

Breakfast: I tried the Smoked Turkey & Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs, this recipe was scrumptious. My kids love a great breakfast before heading out to school, so I gave this one a try one morning. The review from the whole family was "can we have this again tomorrow?"

I also tried Breakfast Scones, I love scones so this was something I wanted to try, it was so wonderful, and again the kids loved this one too.

Salads: I love salads and I especially love fruit in my salads, so I made the Apple Waldorf Salad and it easy and tasty, I loved the flavor and so did my family.

Main Course: First I tried the Stuffed Cabbage, I was a little unsure how my kids would like this or even my husband because he is such a picky healthy eater. However, much to my surprise, they all loved this yummy good meal!

My oldest talked me into buying some Asparagus one day, I have to admit that I have never liked asparagus or even wanted to try it again since I was seven and a nurse told me it was good for me and made me eat it when I was in the hospital. I tried the Roasted Asparagus with Almonds, Grapes, & Balsamic Glaze...my opinion of Asparagus has changed, thankfully!

Next I tried Penne with Lemon Chicken, Artichokes, & Olives I was interested to try this because I love, love, love Lemon Chicken, however, I do like Artichokes, but I don't love them. My husband is iffy on Artichokes and Olives, so I thought "this should be interesting." This recipe was AWESOME, I loved it, so yummy and flavorful.

All in all this was a wonderful recipe book and I am certainly thrilled that I have new recipes to add to my collection. I always welcome new ideas so that I do not get stuck in the same ole, same ole! This is not only a wonderful book, but the recipes are truly scrumptous!


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