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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Don't Say I Do! Why Women Should Stay Single

 About the book:
Is Marriage Outdated for Today’s Women?
A rising tide of single women are forgoing traditional wedding vows and choosing the single life. In fact, 47 percent of young adults have never been married and the percentage includes more women than men. As women rise in the workforce, single parenthood becomes more accepted and life partners increase, fewer women than ever opt to tie the knot.         
Provocative, timely and relevant, DON’T SAY I DO! Why Woman Should Stay Single (New Horizon Press, July 2012) by Orna Gadish, MSc, reveals a new list of options for modern women, provides alternatives to traditional marriage and enables women to carve their own paths in their professional and private lives.
DON’T SAY I DO! reveals how the sexual revolution set the stage for new life choices, how times have changed and how women can lead in today’s world, unfettered by the marriage chain. Gadish looks at the options, pluses and problems of unmarried women in fulfilling relationships, unmarried and married women in unhappy relationships, divorced women and women contemplating marriage. DON’T SAY I DO! provides tools, strategies and tips to encourage sexual, psychological and financial independence. It will inspire women to think for themselves, weigh what they need in a relationship, seriously consider alternatives to marriage and claim their strength in a new world in which women are no longer subordinates but men’s equals.
About the Author:
Orna Gadish, MSc, is an award-winning writing professional, published author and translator based in Israel. In addition to her far-reaching research on the virtues of single life, she has written two books. Ms. Gadish has an MS degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

My Review:

I did not go into this review with a light heart. I find this subject something seriously personal to each and every person. I personally have been married for almost 33 years and have a good happy life. So, when I read this book, I thought I would hate it and yet wanted to see another view of marriage.

This book covers a wide variety of topics from marriage, to being unhappy in marriage. It covers being single, the pros and cons of marriage (which I personally thought was interesting).This book talks about choices, and women's roles in our society today. These topics are covered thoroughly and not so bias as I assumed would be, instead its an analysis of all the variety of role in which women today are part of, in this every changing society.

If you are someone looking to change your life, find your place after divorce or are a single lady who is interested in more variety and finding our ways to life a richer life then this book is for you. If you are someone who is happily married, it might not be something you'd like to read, although it is not a bad read.

The writing was clear, easy to read and well written. The subject matter seemed to be well researched and through out. I reviewed this book for Media Guests, I was not paid for this review, I this review is in my own words. I did receive a free copy of this book for review purposes.


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